Pre-Conference Workshop – Intro to Neurofeedback


This 1-day workshop (Friday October 20th) is for researchers and health professionals who want to learn more about how to introduce neurofeedback into their practice.

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Are you interested in neurofeedback, and are looking for a hands-on experience of its use in a session? Do you also want a better understanding of the different brain-training methods, such as “traditional” neurofeedback, Z-Score neurofeedback, and slow cortical potential neurofeedback?

This 1-day workshop is the opportunity for health professionals and researchers to get an introduction to several forms of neurofeedback. The content is organized with a novice user’s perspective in mind, will include live examples. and will provide a practical foundation for performing neurofeedback.

Topics that will be covered in the workshop include:

  • What are we doing with neurofeedback? – EEG basics
  • Preparation for acquiring data (what type of assessment, equipment setup, impedance, etc.)
  • Overview of “traditional” neurofeedback, Z-Scores, and slow cortical potentials
  • Running a simple neurofeedback evaluation (1 Hz Bins, and several mini-qEEG, assessments)
  • Running a training session based on “traditional neurofeedback”, Z-Scores, or slow cortical potentials. This will include sessions based on increasing focus, brain-quieting, inattention, and trauma/resilience
  • How to structure a training session
  • Coaching during the session
  • Gauging client progress

Note: although full qEEG and LORETA evaluations will be mentioned, they will not be demonstrated during this workshop.

(The course has been approved by BCIA to provide 7 hours of Category A accredited continuing education  for BCIA recertification.)